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Cross-posted to The Stain [02 Aug 2008|12:50pm]

Okay, since I'm not in the Bay Area anymore I don't get to go. That said, it sounds FUCKING AWESOME. Dan and Wes, together again!

8.8.8. Announcing!
The debut performance of a shocking new band: Goat Deceiver!

With Dan and Michael from Sleepytime, Wes Anderson (Idiot Flesh, Charming Hostess, Fuxedos) and featuring the sonorous yelpings of Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables). Sure to confound your relatives as you bathe your nothing in the twilight of the grand glorious history which hasn't happened yet.

Come to the Uptown (1928 Telegraph, Oakland) this Friday August 8th for TOTAL CLARIFICATION.

As part of a night benefiting the international clan of basket-case music-ists referred to as the Immersion Composition Society, and exploits thereof, featuring ALSO!

the Fuxedos - The vile antics of psychotic wedding musicians, powermad with the will to DESTROY. Educational. Confrontational.

miRthkon - Local purveyors of metrically fractualized avant guarde jazz metal. Stabbers of the note. Shredders of the Axe.

Darling Freakhead - We are all deeply terrified, and you should be too.
Featuring Dominique Persi! (Stolen Babies) and members of miRthkon!

Ultralash - The indomitable Karry Walker! Celebrating the release of 'Foamy Lather' (with Myles Boisen, Ricky Carter and Michael Mellender)

Val Esway - Oakland's finest prairie murder-siren. In antique gloom, she rides. Of Loretta Lynch and Ramona the Pest infamy.

Could it be too much entertainment? You decide!

8/8/8 - Uptown Nightclub -- 9:30 (sharp)
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
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NEWS FLASH (copped from the Yahoo board) (cross-posted to The Stain) [09 Feb 2008|06:39pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

From one who knows:


"The lads have gone back in the studio. Jan 29th and Feb 3 were some Idiot Flesh sessions at Polymorph. Gene recorded some vocals to the song Trampolines in Quicksand. It needs more guitar parts and extra percussion. It sounds fantastic even very raw without reverb and effects. Next Sunday is the next record date. I am very happy to hear that they are finishing the last cd, even if it has been 10 years.

"Devolver and Armadilo Box need much work. (Anyone with any live copies of those songs, let me know)

"Twinge, Let the dog sing, and Monkey are all finished.

"I don't know if they plan to fill out the 6 song cd with puppet show soundtracks or live material. The other unrecorded songs like I alone I are probably not going to get done. I hope foe some live stuff from the vault.

"There is also talk of a better DVD. One with complete songs. If anyone knows of any good footage or sound recordings, let me know.

"Idiot Flesh is dead, long live Idiot Flesh"

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Capt.Dragon speaks upon the nature of things. [04 Apr 2005|10:48pm]

Greetings & Ammunition!
Capt. Dragon (G.Jun) here. I was just informed about this site by an email and decided to drop in. A few comments:
- I recently had a few more determined fan inquiries as to the availablility of Tales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death, LP (full vinyl w/jacket+sleeve). OK. Fine. If you guys want to dredge up that chameleon relic of days far too optimistic, let me not be the one who stands in your way. I have 5 copies of Tales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death up for grabs. I really hate the shipping and handling part of this package. If you want to pay for the box and added freight - great. $20 total (includes shipping/handling).
You must keep in mind that this LP was conceived in our first stage of development (there are 3 life stages: Charming, Bulletproof, and Invisible). It is really more like the final Acid Rain LP than it is the Idiot Flesh beginning. Also, it was recorded on a shoestring budget and with 8-track recording equipment.

-Also in stock: Fancy CD $16
Nothing Show CD $16
View The Body:Idiot Flesh Live DVD $35
All are autographed and accompanied by an Idiot Flesh
sticker or bookmark (while supplies last). Please add $4 for shipping/handling for these orders.
You can send a check or money order made payable to
Eugene Jun
1655 Sacramento St., Apt.#2
San Francisco, CA
Please notify me at captaindragon2004@yahoo.com when you'd like to place an order.

-For those who asked: The Acid Rain discography:
Drip demo '86
We Were All Very Worried '87
Acid Rain Performs Stravinsky's "The Rite Of Spring"

-If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at captaindragon2004@yahoo.com. This includes all questions pertaining to Idiot Flesh puppet shows, Guano's Starfighter, Vaccination Benefit - Back In Purple, samplers, and other related projects.
> Thanks for the support over the years.
> None of it goes unnoticed or unappreciated.
> It all goes to show.
> In time.
> Piece.
> - Capt. Dragon
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[06 Mar 2005|11:43pm]

Due to the untimely end of the band Idiot Flesh in 1997, it is needless to say that few "things" would pop up there-after that would merit a busy message board dedicated to that band. Obviously I did not create this community with the hopes of dense traffic. With that aside, I have an update for everyone to enjoy! So.... ENJOY IT!!!

I have made numerous attempts in the past to purchase the very first Idiot Flesh CD, "Tales of Instant Knowledge and Sure Death", all ending in failure. Even Capt. Dragon himself failed to be a reliable source of retail (nothing against him. He's just busy, I'm sure...)

I am ashamed to say that very recently I have succumbed to the temptations of online downloading of MP3s, and have now downloaded the entire album, "Tales of Instant Knowledge and Sure Death". To somewhat compensate for this act of piracy, I will at the very least attempt at a quick and accurate review of the album for this community.

In sum, when the band members of Idiot Flesh are ever encountered regarding this album and the music contained within, they are not inaccurate when they say that "it's not really a good example of where we were going musically at the time, and more than anything resembled another Acid Rain album (Acid Rain being the band's name before Idiot Flesh)". The album is very pleasant, with many good, good songs, and I think would in fact appeal on some levels to most Idiot Flesh fans out there... however, it definitely does not qualify in the ranks of the Idiot Flesh "style". The music is "Art Rock", pure and simple. No noise, clangs, found-objects, abstract lyrics, cultist references, bordering madness, etc., can really be found on this album. Influences such as Einsturzende Nuebauten and Crash Worship are not seen on this album at all. More than anything you can see Parliament Funkadelic and King Crimson influences on "Tales...". Of all the songs, the most Idiot Fleish-ish track on the CD is one not even written by one of the band members that appeared on later albums. "The Tale" has a cabaret, obtuse feel to it.

The musicianship itself is solid, complex, enjoyable, and professional, but the overall attitude of the album is somewhat immature. I was very surprised to hear Gene Jun (Capt.) talk about a girl farting in the second song, "Thinking of a Number Above 17". Dan's token single track on the album, "Artstroking" I believe is about both "fucking" girls and masturbating. Song titles such as "Heavy Metal Beer" bring to mind those mindless highschool band days/daze that I'm sure all of us have experienced. On the OTHER hand, however, the rest of the lyrics do somewhat lend themselves to budding intellectualism. You can tell that, if given just a couple more years, these guys would start writing some truly amazing material. The opening track, "Something" seems to be about just saying something worth while, something thought-provoking; just saying ANYTHING, instead of sitting there and vegetating.

So, there you have it. ANy questions? Let me know. Comments?
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Life is strange [12 Sep 2004|07:33pm]

Last October, my truck was broken into and a bag full of CDs was taken (among other things, including a digital camera).
One of the CDs that was in the bag was Idiot Flesh, one of my favorite bands of all time. Specifically, the album Fancy was the one I was left without.
This CD is no longer in print, no longer made, and rarely seen.
For the past 10 months or so, I've had requests out to several music and auction websites to inform me if that particular CD ever became available.
I had given up hope of ever replacing that CD.
Two weeks ago, I drove off to Burning Man, away from a computer and e-mail for a week.
So what pops up in my e-mail box while I am gone?
You got it.
Idiot Flesh's Fancy.
But, how am I to know when I don't have e-mail for a week?
Alas, by the time I get the message, it has already been sold.
Just out of curiosity, I hop on to eBay, and do a quick search.
Fancy is up for bid!
I type in a few numbers, submit, and voila! I'm the new highest bidder!
But, there's still 5 days left. Two days go by and I am no longer high bidder.
Damnit. I need my CD back!
I double my original high bid, and poof! I'm at the top again.
Today was the last day of bidding.
Someone else placed a few more bids on it, but it was no where near my high bid, so I end up being the winner! It took me $50 to be the winner, but I get my CD back!
So when I go check my e-mail for the verification letter, I get something else in my e-mail box.
eBay's half.com has just sent me another notice that two more IF's Fancy are available, and that I can 'buy them now' for less than half the price I paid on eBay.
Well, at least I have my Fancy back!
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Huh! [14 Apr 2004|01:00pm]

taken from apocalypticfolk
cross-posted it in the_stain. Sorry guys!

Tonight! Final Reminder
SORROW (Featuring Rose McDowall of Current 93, Death in June, Coil, and Strawberry Switchblade)

Supporting Acts:

Wednesday, April 14, 2004
$15 in advance, $18 at the door

The DNA Lounge, 375 11th Street @ Harrison, San Francisco
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Re: My last post. [06 Apr 2004|09:16am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

I was under-informed. It was not Primus, but Colonel Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade... or something like that... and this was back in 2001. Umm... yeah. So.... there you go.


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I may have to turn in my "Moderator" badge for this one, but... [05 Apr 2004|04:47pm]

I just discovered that Wes Anderson, ex-Idiot Flesh drummer, is now the drummer for Primus. I did not know this... does that make me evil?!
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[02 Apr 2004|05:23pm]

My fancy Fancy came to-day.

Now all I need to do if find the person who asked me to find one for her.....
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Word from the Captain, Yo. [06 Mar 2004|03:00pm]

[ mood | amused ]

The Combined
Vaccination Records/
Rock Against Rock Records'
Secret Out-Of-Print Idiot Flesh Catalogue:

Tales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death - vinyl only, full-length LP, released '92 - $14

The Nothing Show ('96) - $16

Fancy ('98) - $16

Twitch/TeenDevil Limited Ed. Red Vinyl Single - out of print 45rpm, also features: A Force For Everything Negative; BARGOOMA!remix - $12

FANCY: METAL BOX EDITION - hand-made steel casing with engraved cover and spine for the serious collector; only 30 made - $30

See why The New Yorker Magazine calls Idiot Flesh “legendary” - why
Idiot Flesh has been called the greatest live performing band in history.
Compiled from video tape footage shot by fans up and down the West Coast, spanning approximately 3 years, ,including two videos shot by independent filmmakers Michael Goorgian and AnnMarie Piette (Chicken Little and Idiot Song). Also includes two songs never before released on CD. Though none of the footage was conceived or supervised by Idiot Flesh, it is the only live documentation officially sanctioned and approved for release by Idiot Flesh. - $35

[NOTE: VIEW THE BODY is currently being reworked for DVD format. Perhaps by summertime 2004.]

The Final Idiot Flesh CD is still in limbo. This is considered the band's finest, most definitive work. Half of the album is completely finished and the rest was left under construction. Although the demand is great, there is still some fundraising to be done in order to complete its production and pressing. [If you are in a position to contribute significantly, please contact Captain Dragon at captaindragon2004@yahoo.com.] Two completed cuts, "Monkey" and "Let The Dog Sing", have been released on Vaccination Records compilations.

All orders over $20 will receive an Idiot Flesh Bookmark or Sticker while supplies last. (specify preference)

Please add $4 for shipping/handling.

Payable by check or money order to :

Eugene Jun,
18698 Mt. Lassen Dr.,
Castro Valley, CA 94552.

USA only. (for out of country orders, please request info from dragonflesh99@yahoo.com)>

[NOTE: Before sending off your check, please email captaindragon2004@yahoo.com with your order so we can make sure it is still in stock. Thank you.]

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[23 Jan 2004|03:40pm]

Hi everyone!
Glad I found this place.
Last October, my truck was broken into, and not only taken was my digital camera, but a paper bag full of CDs, of course containing my copies of Nothing Show and Fancy.
My best friend has her copy of Nothing Show, so I still have access to that, but I cannot find Fancy anywhere.
The closest I've gotten is a recent birthday present of a CD called 31 Bands Trash 31 Songs To Find The Way To Sesame Street, which, of course, has IF's People In Your Neighborhood.
So, when Maola asks if you've seen Kenny, use your best Cartman voice and remind her that they've killed Kenny!
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hello [20 Jan 2004|05:59pm]

hello, my name is padraic, and i jkust found this community....i had seen IF a few times when they were still together, back in oklahoma where i'm from....i even got to play sitar in front of the club they were performing at (the deli) once.....does anyone know where i can still get a copy of fancy? i never got one. :( thanks in advance!!
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[09 Jan 2004|08:22am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Hello all!

(pauses, waiting for response...hmm...silence...decides to continue)

I'm wileypeter. I suppose some of you may know me from over there on The Stain. I sort of backed into the whole Idiot Flesh world. A coworker put Eat by Charming Hostess in the player at work (a record store...and yes, we sold actual records). This was about the time Grand Opening and Closing came out, and from there Idiot Flesh was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

It sucks that I was RIGHT HERE IN THE BAY AREA & NEVER SAW THEM, but what are you gonna do? I'd love to have seen them do "Chicken Little", though.

(silence is deafening...decides to end it here...)

Good Night, folks, and feel free to stay for the buffet!

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[08 Jan 2004|10:01pm]

[ mood | bedraggled ]

So wait, we should introduce ourselves out of courtesy, or we shouldn't?

Either way, my name is Rebecca and I'm a senior in high school. I hope to be heading off to school in Oakland next year, or in 2005, actually. I tend to have a different fascination (I wouldn't quite say obsession) every week. Lately I have been listening to a mixture of Edith Piaf and Daniel Johnston, and reading a book on Peter Cook, which is pretty representative of my interests at any given moment. I found out about Idiot Flesh et al. from a Mr. wileypeter. I've been filling out so many damn applications lately that I've forgotten how to write about myself without sounding like a college essay, so I'll stop here.

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IDIOT FLESH [08 Jan 2004|08:26pm]

Once upon a time in a big ugly building famous for bad living and rock, there lived a band. They acted like crazy people(because the world is a crazy place), but they were growing tired of bad living and rock. They were burning with something or other, but they had nothing to say. So they went downtown.

On the way they met a small man who asked where they were going, and they answered, "The sky is falling and we must go and tell the king."

"Silly band," said the man, "Surely you mean the thing is stalling and you must go and kill the sty."

"Huh?", said the band, being young and not as clever as some.
"Nevermind. Let's go downtown," replied the man, and he
proceeded to tell them the good news about the John Kane Society and their efforts to destroy rock music.

"Is that best?" they asked. "Yes," he said, "and our weapon must also be rock: Rock Against Rock!" "That sounds pretty cool," they agreed. "Yes...hmn......you can be called Idiot Flesh now."
"Oh......uh...", they replied uncertainly, but after some coffee they agreed that all was for the best. "OK. Let's go." And there was kindled within them a glorious fire of hatred for rock and it filled their mouths with words and their eyes leaked something or other.

They left downtown making songs and pamphlets and signs and
giant heads and inflating suits and puppets and doing all manner of things such that nothing might be left undone. Their stage show swelled to often alarming proportions as the Rock Against Rock Coalition expanded to include a revolving circurs of performers such as the now legendary Baby Fatty, Bunny Man, and the vaudville troupe Ruckus. Their splatter-puppet show brough unprecedented violence to the miniature stage, bringing at least one youngster to tears but amusing the mature.

Their 1990 vinyl release "Tales of Instant Knowledge and Sure
Death" represents the eclecticism of their pre-John Kane Society contact. That contact gave a focus and purity of vision which resulted in the painstaking marriage of intricacy and idiocy that is "The Nothing Show" CD of '94. The album's thinly veiled communist views have made it a natural hit on liberal college stations and the three-dimensional Wondrasound? production of Oakland's Polymorph studios makes the music oddly attractive to young America's hordes of drug-addled texture fanatics.

"You must go somewhere else now," said the small man.
"OK...uh...sir. We will," said the Idiots. And so, having moved from the East Bay underground to SF's corporate nightclubs, they aquired the Stealth Bus necessary to sneak their travelling parade of light into the darkest corners of the nation, which they've done almost ceaselessly since mid-'94. They took a month off to produce a single featuring their first two tunes ever to sit over a continuous pulse, guaranteeing success with dance-crazed teens everywhere.
They also recorded a song for a tribute album featuring some of weird music's greatest suprestars, including Giant Ant Farm, Primus, Snakefinger and The Residents themselves.
Their Oakland bred appreciation for Mormon architecture has taken Idiot Flesh to Portland and San Diego, and '95 will not close without their seeing the glory that is Salt Lake City. Lest you think that their taste in buildings is limited, they've also enjoyed skylines as disparate as El Paso and Seattle, so fear not if your town lacks a good temple. They will come anyway. Nothing will stop them.

Surely now the sky is falling and we must go and tell the king.

"Okay, let's go."
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`cause we've had enough ass and titties [08 Jan 2004|03:47am]

[ mood | toothy ]

sign this.
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An Introduction.... [07 Jan 2004|01:52pm]

Let me be the first to welcome ALL future members of this community. Stemming from a combination of my surprise and repulsion at there being no community dedicated to this grand group of musicians, I endevoured to create on myself.
I sincerely hope more of our ilk will be joining. Maybe one day we can even convince the members to join back together again long enough at least to finish their fourth album!
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