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NEWS FLASH (copped from the Yahoo board) (cross-posted to The Stain)

From one who knows:


"The lads have gone back in the studio. Jan 29th and Feb 3 were some Idiot Flesh sessions at Polymorph. Gene recorded some vocals to the song Trampolines in Quicksand. It needs more guitar parts and extra percussion. It sounds fantastic even very raw without reverb and effects. Next Sunday is the next record date. I am very happy to hear that they are finishing the last cd, even if it has been 10 years.

"Devolver and Armadilo Box need much work. (Anyone with any live copies of those songs, let me know)

"Twinge, Let the dog sing, and Monkey are all finished.

"I don't know if they plan to fill out the 6 song cd with puppet show soundtracks or live material. The other unrecorded songs like I alone I are probably not going to get done. I hope foe some live stuff from the vault.

"There is also talk of a better DVD. One with complete songs. If anyone knows of any good footage or sound recordings, let me know.

"Idiot Flesh is dead, long live Idiot Flesh"
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