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Okay, since I'm not in the Bay Area anymore I don't get to go. That said, it sounds FUCKING AWESOME. Dan and Wes, together again!

8.8.8. Announcing!
The debut performance of a shocking new band: Goat Deceiver!

With Dan and Michael from Sleepytime, Wes Anderson (Idiot Flesh, Charming Hostess, Fuxedos) and featuring the sonorous yelpings of Dawn McCarthy (Faun Fables). Sure to confound your relatives as you bathe your nothing in the twilight of the grand glorious history which hasn't happened yet.

Come to the Uptown (1928 Telegraph, Oakland) this Friday August 8th for TOTAL CLARIFICATION.

As part of a night benefiting the international clan of basket-case music-ists referred to as the Immersion Composition Society, and exploits thereof, featuring ALSO!

the Fuxedos - The vile antics of psychotic wedding musicians, powermad with the will to DESTROY. Educational. Confrontational.

miRthkon - Local purveyors of metrically fractualized avant guarde jazz metal. Stabbers of the note. Shredders of the Axe.

Darling Freakhead - We are all deeply terrified, and you should be too.
Featuring Dominique Persi! (Stolen Babies) and members of miRthkon!

Ultralash - The indomitable Karry Walker! Celebrating the release of 'Foamy Lather' (with Myles Boisen, Ricky Carter and Michael Mellender)

Val Esway - Oakland's finest prairie murder-siren. In antique gloom, she rides. Of Loretta Lynch and Ramona the Pest infamy.

Could it be too much entertainment? You decide!

8/8/8 - Uptown Nightclub -- 9:30 (sharp)
1928 Telegraph, Oakland
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